Six Times Table Song – Maths Resource – Free on the Silly School Education Youtube Channel

Six Times Table Song | Grade 3 Math, Grade 4 Math, Grade 5 Math,  KS2 Maths This is a song to help you learn & understand how to multiply six.

“Six Times Table Song”

Six Times Table Song – Maths Resource

The Six Times Table Song is a funny, animated multiplication song that is guaranteed to get stuck in your students heads. Its catchy melody and simple animation will make learning how to multiply a lot of fun.



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Six Times Table Song!

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All of our educational content is family friendly, made by teachers for teachers with the aim of supporting social skills and helping to stimulate vocabulary, imagination, knowledge and memory, through the use of repetition, engaging animations and catchy, easy to learn, fun songs.

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The Six Times Table Song is just one of many, unique, math songs!

Six Times Table Song

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Some useful links to help you teach maths.

National Numeracy

National Numeracy is a charity that is devoted to raising numeracy levels across the UK. Click on the title above to visit their website, where you can find lots of useful information about them.

This is how they describe what they do.

“Our vision is for everyone in the UK to get on with numbers so they can get on in life.​

Our work improves how people understand and work with numbers in everyday life, ​
sparking better opportunities and brighter futures.

We want everyone in the UK to have the numeracy that allows them to make the most of their lives. We believe that a major shift in attitudes is key to this.

National Numeracy is an independent charity established in 2012 to help raise low levels of numeracy among both adults and children and to promote the importance of everyday maths skills. We aim to challenge negative attitudes, influence public policy and offer practical ways of helping adults and children improve their numeracy – in the community, the workplace and formal education.

Our aim

To enable everyone across the UK to be confident and competent in using numbers and data, to be able to make good decisions in their daily life and at work.

Our approach

We are working towards our aim in two main ways:

Raising awareness about poor numeracy levels which exist in the UK, how numeracy differs from mathematics, and the promoting the recognition that everyone can improve through campaigns such as National Numeracy Day.

Improving numeracy. Over 350,000 people have registered to check and improve their maths skills with the National Numeracy Challenge, giving them a space to assess and improve on their numeracy at their own pace.

Our report Essentials of Numeracy: a new approach published in summer 2017 provides an overview of the issue, why things aren’t working and our proposed solutions.”

Maths on Toast.

Maths on Toast is another fantastic organisation were you can find lots of useful activities and resources to help teach maths.

Here’s how they describe themselves.

“Our Mission

Maths on Toast’s mission is to make maths a creative, enjoyable, hands-on, social activity for families and communities.

Our Vision

Maths on Toast want everyone to feel positive about maths – to feel that it is something they can do, and enjoy.

Our Need

Maths is a core school subject and according to National Numeracy, numeracy is linked to life chances. Poor numeracy remains endemic in the UK and government statistics suggest that 17 million adults – 49% of the working-age population of England – have the numeracy level that we expect of primary school children.

Maths anxiety is a particular problem; defined as a ‘debilitating emotional reaction to maths’ by the Nuffield Foundation. Much of the population does not understand what maths anxiety is, or how best to overcome it as it isn’t an obvious difficulty, it is hidden, and it can be affected by gender, age or culture. Recent research from the University of Cambridge, funded by the Nuffield Foundation reports that maths anxiety can lead to poorer performance and poorer performance can increase maths anxiety.

Spatial maths (exploring space, shape and measure) and spatial reasoning is linked to maths progression. Spatial ideas underlie much of our spatial understanding. Those who have good early spatial skills are more likely to have success across mathematics and other subjects.”

Mathematics Education Innovation

This maths charity is committed to improving lives through promoting the understanding of mathematics in ways that benefit society.

Here’s how they describe their mission.

“Mission and vision

Throughout our lives, maths is everywhere, so understanding maths matters.

We are a charity committed to improving lives through advances in maths education. This can improve everyone’s life – through the maths we use ourselves, and through the many ways maths is used that benefit our society.

What we want to achieve

Our top priority right now is to support schools, colleges, and teachers to help their students recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on students’ progress in maths.

Our continuing aims are to:

  • raise the quality of maths education
  • improve social equity through access to high-quality maths education
  • promote the relevance of maths education to everyone – in the workplace, in everyday life, and for active citizenship

We want all young people to feel secure and confident in using and understanding maths as they start their adult life.

This will mean

  • Young people will have the analytical skills they need to make better-informed decisions.
  • More people can explore and access rewarding careers, including those that require high levels of proficiency in maths.

As a nation, we can become better equipped and future-ready in an increasingly scientific, technical, and data-driven world.

The Six Times Table Song! Available FREE pm the Silly School Education Youtube Channel.

Learn how to multiply six with the Six Times Table Song!



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