Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions relate to any purchase via this website, or via Silly School Education direct. They also cover any correspondence between Silly School Education and the purchaser. If you have any questions at all about your purchase, please contact Silly School Education via the contact page.

All material purchased by the buyer from Silly School Education is the property of Silly School Education and only available for performance under license.

Performance License

For public performances of our material, a performance license is required, however purchase of a product constitutes performance rights for up to six performances within six months of the purchase of the material. If you wish to perform the material more than six times and/or outside the six month period, you must contact Silly School Education and purchase a license extension.

The term ‘material’ covers all music, scripts, script notes and any ancillary materials provided by Silly School Education in relation to the purchase. The license also allows unlimited use of said materials within the classroom for teaching and assemblies, within the six month period. 

Amateur dramatic groups and stage schools, etc, may purchase the material under the same conditions.

The license allows the buyer to charge admission to the performance if they so wish, but only to a maximum performance attendance of up to two hundred people. If the buyer wishes to perform the material to an audience larger than two hundred people, they must contact Silly School Education for a license to do so.

Recording & Copying License

The license allows the buyer to record one performance of the material and grants the buyer permission to sell up to two hundred DVD copies of the performance. Silly School Education must be credited with the following copyright notice “Reproduced courtesy of Silly School Education – www.sillyschooleducation.co.uk”.

The license allows the buyer to upload up to five minutes of a full performance video of the material to their organisation’s website or to specific social media sites – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In the event that the buyer uploads Silly Schools Education material to a social media site, the buyer must credit Silly School Education with the following copyright notice : “Reproduced courtesy of Silly School Education – www.sillyschooleducation.co.uk“. The buyer must also link the post to the Silly School Education Facebook page – “www.facebook.com/sillyschooleducation“.

You may not upload any material to any other social media site or website, without the express permission of Silly School Education. 

The buyer may print as many copies of the script and distribute digital audio files as is deemed necessary for the performance. These copies must only be distributed between students and teachers of the school / organisation. Audio files may not be uploaded to the internet or placed online in any capacity, unless accompanying a full performance video, under the terms stated previously.   

The recording and copying license is granted to the buyer at the discretion of Silly School Plays and we hold the right to withdraw this license in the instance that we feel it is being abused. Downloaded material must be stored securely by the buyer and not be transferred to an outside third party.

The buyer may make small alterations to the script and lyrics as is necessary, however if the buyer wishes to make substantial alternations please contact Silly School Education for permission first. 

The buyer MUST get parental consent to record any children taking part in the performance and a separate consent if they wish to share the performance on DVD, any website or social media site.

The license does not cover anything outside that which is stated above.