Maths Songs for Primary & Elementary Schools

Upbeat, easy-to-learn maths songs  with funny animations, designed to teach a range of math related subjects.

“This was our favourite song last year. Looking forward to introducing your songs to our newbies next year. Thanks Silly School!”

S.King – Teacher

All of our maths songs feature fun, captivating animations that present each concept or idea in a clear and concise way.

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Maths Songs – Multiplication / Times Table Songs 

Teaching Multiplication, Skip Counting, or Times Tables,  however you describe it, is a fundamental part of the maths curriculum in primary and elementary education.

Silly School Education multiplication songs make learning your times tables easy. Short, fun, catchy and memorable they will have your students flying through their multiplication tables in no times at all.

“I love your songs. I plan on using them here in Oz!

Mrs Dornsief – Teacher

Our multiplication songs cover all the numbers up to twelve

Maths Songs – Number Recognition Songs 

Number recognition is all about recognising the value a number represents and it’s physical appears.

Funny and memorable, Silly School Education number recognition songs are a great place to start teaching the numbers 1 to 10.

“Funny! The children at school would love these!

EarlyYearsIdeas – Teacher Instagram

Our number recognition songs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Coming Soon: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Maths Songs – Counting Songs 

These silly songs are a really fun way to teach counting to preschool, reception and kindergarten age children.

Silly School Education counting songs are a great place to start enthusing your class about counting and number recognition.


Mathfluent – Teacher Instagram

Songs in this set cover: counting to 5, counting to 10, counting to 12, counting in 2s, counting backwards from 20 and more!

Maths Songs – Songs About Shapes 

These shape songs are perfect for helping your class learn to recognise shapes and their names. These songs are bursting full of catchy melodies, designed by teachers  to follow the UK national curriculum. You can be more than confident that the children in your class will be developing all the skills necessary to recognise shapes.

“I love this, my year one’s last year would have too!

Miss B – Teacher

Songs in this set cover: triangles, circles, squares, rectangles and more!

Maths Songs – Number Bonds

Our songs about number bonds are a great way to help children grasp what can be a rather tricky subject.

Teaching the concept of number bonds through a song that’s both catchy and educational, helps the children really start to look forward to, rather than fear, mathematical ideas.

“Loving these! Keep the diverse characters coming too! Can’t wait to share with the class.

Mrs Wow – Teacher

Songs in this set cover: Number Bonds to 10

Maths Songs – Adding and Subtracting Songs

Addition and subtraction are two of the four fundamental pillars of mathematics. Being able to add and subtract numbers confidently is a key life skill and form form the basis of teaching trickier maths subjects.

“How good is this?!

Togetherness Box – Instagram

Songs in this set cover: Minus One Subtraction Song.


Free Math Songs for Primary Schools & Elementary Schools

You can listen to a selection of our math songs for primary schools for FREE via our Silly School Education Youtube Channel. If would like to access ALL of our unique content, curated, with no adverts, bonus downloadable resources and lots of extra songs and tutorials not available anywhere else, head over to Silly School Education TV via this link for a two week free trial.

Our math songs all follow the UK schools curriculum, which makes them a perfect teaching resource and with over twenty years experience working in the primary school sector we know what works.

This is why our math songs are used by primary school teachers all over the world. We have put in thousands of hours of work to make sure our grammar songs are engaging and fun but easy to follow. The children laugh at the animations, sing along to the songs and remember the message. Take a look at our Youtube Channel to access over 100 free, animated, songs.

All of our math songs and animations are family friendly, made by teachers for teachers.

Our funny, engaging, songs support social skills and help to stimulate their vocabulary, imagination, knowledge and memory, through. These catchy, easy to learn, fun songs are also proven to increase confidence in young learners.

Our ever growing catalogue of teaching songs and animations cover a wide range of subjects for EYFS, Key Stage One (KS1) and Key Stage Two (KS2), include maths, english, geography, science, phonics, grammar, words of the day, tidy up songs, covid safety songs and much, much, more!

Silly School Education is a family run company based in Cambridge, UK, that specialises in writing songs and musical productions for primary schools! We create fun, educational, songs and musicals for children in primary & elementary schools ages 5-11 years (EYFS, KS1, KS2). We hope you hope you enjoy the songs and animations as much as we enjoy making them!

Find out more about who we are via our “About Us” page.

Kind Regards Alex & Trisha


Silly School Education  Maths Songs for Primary Schools & Elementary Teachers

Maths songs to help elementary school and primary school teachers bring learning to life in the classroom. Our easy-to-learn, maths songs and teaching resources, are perfect for primary education, elementary schools, preschools and kindergartens. Made by teachers, for teachers.

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