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With over 23 million views and over 50000 thousand subscribers, the Silly School Education Youtube Channel is full of funny, songs and tutorials, covering English Grammar, Phonics, Maths, Geography, Science, Time & Seasons, Wake Up Songs and more!

You can also access these songs and more, without adverts and with downloadable teaching resources. To do so visit Silly School Education TV to find out more via the link below.

“Bright and exciting…it’s become a key education resource all over the world….will keep you and your kids singing for hours.”

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Education Youtube Channel – Silly School Education!

Educational Youtube Channel for Kids -Phonics Songs

Phonics is an excellent way for children to learn to read as it simplifies the English language into sounds. All over the world schools are using our phonics to reinforce their phonics lessons. All are song feature  pure phonics sounds and are compatible with most (if not all) phonics schemes. 

If you haven’t checked out theses amazing phonics songs – please do! My class and I adore them. Even through lockdown they’re still watching them!”

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All of our phonics songs on our  feature funny, captivating animations that present the concept of each sound in a clear and concise way. To help with learning the songs are repetitive, upbeat and memorable.

You can find our more about our phonics songs here.

Educational Youtube Channel for Kids -English Grammar Songs

Our wide range of English grammar songs are a really fun and engaging way to enhance the children’s learning, whilst teaching them the complexities of of the English language. Our educational Youtube Channel features engaging and easy to learn songs with clear concise messages.  They perfect for classroom and great for homeschool teaching too.

I love all of these songs they’re amazing. I play them so often throughout the day.”


Esha – Teacher

Our catchy songs are a great way of improving vocabulary and speaking and listening skills, covering a wide range of subjects including nouns, proper nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, pronouns and many more.

You can find our more about our English Grammar songs here.

Educational Youtube Channel for Kids – Maths Songs

One of the best ways of teaching maths is through the use fun, educational songs. Our fantastic selection of maths songs for children are brilliant for introducing mathematical concepts and learning new maths skills. All of our content is based around the National Curriculum and is suitable for EYFS, Key Stage One (KS1) and Key Stage Two (KS2).

“I’ll definitely be using your songs in September”

Miss V – Key Stage One

Our educational maths songs cover a wide range of subjects including adding, subtraction, multiplication, division, number formation, shapes, prime numbers, number bonds and more.

We are constantly adding more songs to this collection.

You can find our more about our maths songs here.

Educational Youtube Channel for Kids – Geography Songs

If you are looking to teach geography in a new and engaging way, our geography songs for children have really catchy melodies and fun animations, to help with the learning of this topic. Our geography songs help support the learning of a wide range of themes and aid primary and elementary educators with their teaching.

“I absolutely love your stuff!”

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   Informative and educational, our geography songs will definitely keep your children entertained. We cover areas such as the United Kingdom, the water cycle, cardinal directions, the seven continents, the oceans and more! These educational songs for primary school aged children are a fantastic resource for teachers.

You can find our more about our geography songs here.

 Educational Youtube Channel for Kids – Science Songs

Music is great for memorising facts in an enjoyable way.  Our educational science songs for primary aged children, are both entertaining and interesting.  We have been told that children want to watch them over and over again! The science songs we create make learning fun and teacher’s jobs easier.

My class LOVED listening to your living/non living song! They were all joining in by the end, it’s a brilliant song to support my teaching!”

Mr Sweeney Year 3/4 Teacher

If you are a teacher of science to primary or elementary school students, our science songs for children will keep them hooked!

Our educational songs cover a wide range of scientific subjects and our repertoire is constantly being updated. Whether it is learning about the the planets, the five senses, forces, or whether something is living and non living, these free educational songs will ensure that your children’s learning is accelerated!

You can find our more about our science songs here.

​Educational Youtube Channel for Kids – Time & Seasons Songs

We cover a wide assortment of time and seasons songs for primary school children. Everything they need to know about days, weeks, months, years and seasons is included on our Time & Seasons playlist, on Silly School Education TV channel.

“Just come across Silly School Education. Cannot wait to use the songs in class.”

Miss Rogers

If you are teaching or learning about seasons at your school we have songs and animations about spring, summer, autumn and winter. Our days and months of the year songs are “repetitive earworms“, designed to make the respective names stick! Our educational songs are also fun and silly.

Educational Youtube Channel for Kids -Classroom & Assemley Songs

We have some really fun, upbeat songs for schools to use during assembly. If you’re looking for something to wake up the whole school or class in the morning our wake up songs are guaranteed to get all the children excited and ready for the day ahead. Our assembly songs also cover subjects such as recycling, the environment, covid safety and much, much, more.

My class have been loving your songs!”

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Click on the link below to listen to the Silly School Education “Wake Up Song”! Not only does it get your whole body moving, it also gets faster and faster. The kids just love trying to keep up! We have lots of songs to help wake up your class, encourage them to tidy up their mess and teach them how to stay safe during in relation to Covid.

The Wake Up Song is the most popular song on our Youtube Channel. We don’t only produce educational songs, we also help thousands of school children all over the world, to wake up themselves up every day!

Educational Youtube Channel for Kids -Animated Tutorials for Schools

As well as educational songs we also produce animated tutorials which are a fantastic aid to teachers in the classroom.

Created by primary school teachers who are leaders in their field and still teaching, they work. We know because we use them. Our tutorials are fun and engaging and always come with a song at the end to help embed learning.

Bright and exciting…it’s become a key educational resource all over the world….will keep you and your kids singing for hours!”

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Educational Youtube Channel for Kids – Word of the Day 

With over fifty word of the day animations you’ll always find an interesting word to discuss with your class. These a really fun way to get your class interested in words and their meanings! Each video gives the correct pronunciation, definitions and examples of the word in three sentences!

I absolutely LOVE your stuff!”

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Educational Youtube Channel for Primary Schools & Elementary Schools

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The songs on our educational youtube channel all follow the UK schools curriculum, which makes them a perfect teaching resource and with over twenty years experience working in the primary school sector we know what works.

This is why our educational youtube channel is used by primary school teachers, elementary school teachers, homeschoolers and children all over the world. We have put in thousands of hours of work to make sure our grammar songs are engaging and fun but easy to follow. The children laugh at the animations, sing along to the songs and remember the message.

Our Educational Youtube Channel has over 100 free, animated, songs educational songs and animations that are family friendly, made by teachers for teachers.

Our children’s songs support social skills and help to stimulate their vocabulary, imagination, knowledge and memory, through. These catchy, easy to learn, fun songs are also proven to increase confidence in young learners.

Our ever growing catalogue of educational songs and animations cover a wide range of subjects for EYFS, Key Stage One (KS1) and Key Stage Two (KS2), include maths, english, geography, science, phonics, grammar, words of the day, tidy up songs, covid safety songs and much, much, more!

Silly School Education is a family run company based in Cambridge, UK, that specialises in writing songs and musical productions for our primary education and elementary education! We create fun, educational, songs and musical for children in primary & elementary schools ages 5-11 years (EYFS, KS1, KS2). We hope you hope you enjoy the songs and animations as much as we enjoy making them! Kind Regards Alex & Trisha

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