Science Songs & Tutorials for Primary & Elementary Schools

Easy to follow, fun science songs & animated science  tutorials. A teaching resource for teachers teaching science in primary or elementary education.

“I’ve seen loads of fab songs on there that I can use and at £1.99 a month it’s a bargain!!”

L.Gleave  – Teacher

All of our science songs and animated science tutorials are designed by teachers for teachers and present each concept or idea in a clear and concise way.

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Science Songs & Tutorials – States of Matter

These engaging States of Matter  resources will teach your class  about the difference between solids, liquids and gases. A really fun teaching resource, our animated tutorials and songs will help your pupils understand the science behind the properties of different materials.

“I’ll definitely be using your songs in September!

Ms V – KS 1 Teacher

Science Songs & Tutorials – Animals, Including Humans

Our Animals Including Humans science category contains songs about subjects like the fives senses and animated tutorials about animals such as lions, tigers and gorillas.

“I love your songs. I plan on using them here in Oz!

Mrs Dornsief – Teacher

Science Songs & Tutorials – Earth and Space

Teach your class all about the Earth and Space with our animated teaching resources. Silly School Education TV is quick and easy to use, once you sign up  you’ll have instant access to a fantastic range of resources to use in the classroom.

All of our resources are designed by teachers specifically for primary and elementary teachers to use in the classroom..

“Loving these! Keep the diverse characters coming too! Can’t wait to share with the class.

Mrs Wow – Teacher


Free Science Songs and Tutorials for Primary Schools & Elementary Schools

You can listen to a selection of our science tutorials and songs for elementary and primary schools for FREE via the Silly School Education Youtube Channel. If would like to be able to access ALL of our unique content, curated, with no adverts, bonus downloadable resources and lots of extra songs and tutorials not available anywhere else, head over to Silly School Education TV via this link.

Our science songs and tutorials all follow the UK schools curriculum, which makes them a perfect teaching resource and with over twenty years experience working in the primary school sector we know what works.

 We have put in thousands of hours of work to make sure our grammar songs are engaging and fun but easy to follow.  Take a look at our Youtube Channel to access over 100 free, animated, songs.

All of our science songs and animated tutorials are family friendly, made by teachers for teachers.

Using music as an educational resource helps to support social skills and stimulate vocabulary, imagination, knowledge and memory. Silly School Education’s catchy, easy to learn, fun songs are also proven to increase confidence in young learners.

AS well as our songs and tutorials for primary and elementary science students you might be interested in find out about our English Grammar, Phonics, Maths & Geography resources.

Our catalogue of educational songs and animations cover a wide range of subjects for EYFS, Key Stage One (KS1) and Key Stage Two (KS2), include maths, english, geography, science, phonics, grammar, words of the day, tidy up songs, covid safety songs and much, much, more!

Silly School Education is a family run company based in Cambridge, UK, that specialises in writing songs and musical productions for primary schools! We create fun, educational, songs and musical for children in primary & elementary schools ages 5-11 years (EYFS, KS1, KS2). We hope you hope you enjoy the songs and animations as much as we enjoy making them! Kind Regards Alex & Trisha

Science Songs for Schools