Musicals for Schools – KS1 & KS2

Henry VIII’s Quest to Find True Love!

“Just brilliant!” 

S Hayes – Teacher

Suitable for – KS2 | Scenes – 8 | Songs – 8 | Speaking Parts – 38 | Non Speaking Parts – Unlimited | Duration 55 Minutes Approx


Queen Victoria – We Are Not Amused!

This is the story of the life and times of Queen Victoria, she may have been small in size, but she was big in personality…

“I’ve have never seen an audience laugh so much and so hard”

A Josyfon  – Teacher

Suitable for – KS2 | Scenes – 9 | Songs – 7 | Speaking Parts – 54 | Non Speaking Parts – Unlimited | Duration 55 Minutes Approx


Around the World in 40(ish) Minutes

“Absolutely hilarious!” – J Sheldrake – Deputy HeadTeacher

Suitable for – KS1 | Scenes – 6 | Songs – 5 | Speaking Parts – 42 | Non Speaking Parts – Unlimited | Duration 55 Minutes Approx

Musicals for Schools

How do I know this is the right school musical for me?

Silly School Education historical musicals for schools are designed to entertain the children and make life easy for the teachers.   

That’s why Silly School Education Musicals are packed full of supporting materials to guide you through the whole production process. In addition to that you can always get in touch with us via email with any questions or if you’re looking for advice on something specific to your schools circumstances. We have over twenty years experience writing and producing our own school musicals, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

The play-scripts are flexible when it comes to class size too. So whether you have a large or small cast you can tailor the script to meet your own requirements. Each play comes with an editable script, which means you can shorten the play or add lines here and there, if required. We do ask the contact us for permission though if you want to make any radical changes. You can get more information about that via our FAQ page.

All of our musicals and plays for primary schools are written with UK Schools curriculum in mind. They are great resources for cross curricular work and can lead into a whole range of different subjects if required. We know this because they’ve mostly been written with Trisha’s class in mind. Our plays actively support learning.

Most importantly though, our musicals for schools are lots of fun to perform and really funny to watch.

Silly School Education

If there is anything at all you want to know about our musicals for schools, please feel free to contact us. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have. Pretty much every school musical or nativity play we have for sale we’ve actually produced ourselves, so we know them inside and out. We really hope you enjoy putting them on, as much as we have.

Musicals for Schools