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A husband and wife team who run a business creating educational musicals and songs for children are celebrating hitting four million views in the past year on video sharing website YouTube.

Alex Highton, who is a musician, creates the videos with wife Trisha Highton, who is deputy head at Cheveley school, creating animations for them as part of their business, Silly School Education.

Silly School Education in the Press

The songs, which are based around the UK curriculum, were initially created to help with online learning during lockdown, but that initial success is now being built on by the couple to monetise their project.

“We uploaded our first animated song in June 2020 and in the first few months it was just Cheveley school watching,” said Alex.

“But, in January 2021, I noticed a few more people were watching, including someone in Nepal, then it just got bigger month on month.

“We started writing the musicals for the school seven or eight years ago. One day Trisha was complaining about how dull the selection of plays on offer to the school were and I wrote one, just for fun.

“After some editing by Trisha, who always writes the best jokes, it was a big hit and the teachers asked us to write some more.

“I deal with the music and first drafts. Trisha whips them into shape and spends lots of time putting together extra resources which are there to make the teacher’s life easier.

“All plays come with extra details to make them simple for a school to produce, such as karaoke videos to help the kids to learn the songs and production notes for teachers to help them put the show on.

“Trisha deals with all that. Also, all the plays are downloadable, which means you order the play and have everything you need to get started.

“We actually sold lots of Christmas and Nativity plays this winter, with schools buying them all over the world, including the UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

“We try to make sure that every single role in each play has at least one moment where the child really gets to shine or laugh, because you want to make something that kids will remember being part of forever.”

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Silly School Education 

Learning brought to life with easy-to-learn, educational songs and teaching resources, available for primary education, elementary schools, preschools, kindergartens, nurseries and parents.

I love these! We’re going to use them as part of our phonics sessions in September!

Mrs Jenks ks1 Journey


Just come across Silly School Education. Cannot wait to use the songs in class.

Miss Rogers 


Silly School Plays

Musicals for Schools, Nativity Plays & Songs for EYFS, KS1 and KS2

Full of catchy songs and funny jokes, all of our productions come with a large dose of silly!

We spend a ridiculous amount of time creating our school musicals, playscripts, Christmas productions and nativity plays, ensuring that they are not only fun for children to perform and easy for the teachers to produce, but also a lot of fun for the audience to watch.


“Absolutely hilarious!”

J Sheldrake – Deputy Head Teacher

“Our end of school play led by the Year 5 & 6 children is always a much anticipated event for the whole school. This year, the production of ‘I Don’t Want to Get Married’ by Silly School Plays surpassed our expectations. (it was fantastic!)The play told the story of the life of Queen Elizabeth I linking brilliantly with the topic being taught in class. The narrative was witty and simple to learn, whilst there was a wide range of music and songs that really engaged the children making rehearsals something to look forward to. The audience laughed, cried and were part of the show. I have never received such praise from parents, grandparents and Carers after a school performance.I will definitely be using Silly School Education next year and I can confidently say if you choose to use Silly school plays you will only be impressed.

Ms S Kendall

Head Teacher”

Silly School Education musicals for schools are designed to entertain the children and make life easy for the teachers.   

That’s why Silly School Education Musicals are packed full of supporting materials to guide you through the whole production process. In addition to that you can always get in touch with us via email with any questions or if you’re looking for advice on something specific to your schools circumstances. We have over twenty years experience writing and producing our own school musicals, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

The play-scripts are flexible when it comes to class size too. So whether you have a large or small cast you can tailor the script to meet your own requirements. Each play comes with an editable script, which means you can shorten the play or add lines here and there, if required. We do ask the contact us for permission though if you want to make any radical changes. You can get more information about that via our FAQ page.

All of our musicals and plays for primary schools are written with UK Schools curriculum in mind. They are great resources for cross curricular work and can lead into a whole range of different subjects if required. We know this because they’ve mostly been written with Trisha’s class in mind. Our plays actively support learning.

Most importantly though, our musicals for schools are lots of fun to perform and really funny to watch.

Silly School Education

If there is anything at all you want to know about our musicals for schools, please feel free to contact us. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have. Pretty much every play we have for sale we’ve actually produced ourselves, so we know them inside and out. We really hope you enjoy putting them on, as much as we have.