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This is a very funny play about the life and times of the legendary King Arthur. Set in Medieval Times, King Arthur just wants a simple life, but he continually finds himself getting called on quests. What is a Grail anyway? And why do so many people want to kill him?…

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Arthur! Arthur!

This is a very funny musical school play about the life and times of the legendary King Arthur. Set in Medieval Times, Arthur just wants a simple life, but he is constantly being called to complete quests. Surrounded by Merlin and the very funny knights he uses his infamous sword to conquer the many obstacles that get in his way. Arthur also falls in love with the beautiful Guinevere, however, like all famous legends, there is always a baddie hoping to ruin everything…

Arthur! Arthur! is a musical school play full of catchy songs, laugh out loud moments and funny historical characters. Everything that happens in this musical is historically accurate (well most things) which makes it informative as well as great fun. How do we know that "Arthur! Arthur!" works? We've put it on ourselves and it was went down a storm. We make sure we test all our plays at Trisha's school and make them perfect before we upload them to our shop. That's how we can give you such detailed production notes and ideas. All included in the price.

Suitable for KS1 & KS2

Scenes - 8

Songs - 8

Speaking Parts - 41

Non Speaking Parts - Unlimited

Duration - 60 Minutes Approx

What do you get when you purchase "Arthur! Arthur!" primary school play?

  • Script 
  • Karaoke style animations that display song lyrics on any screen or or touchscreen.
  • Lyrics with directors notes
  • Lyrics without directors notes
  • MP3’s of all the songs (with vocals)
  • MP3’s of all the songs (instrumentals)
  • Production notes, which include scene by scene information, prop lists, staging ideas and anything else relevant to the play
  • Character information, which include costumes ideas, number of lines per character and general character info
  • Downloadable CD Cover
  • Performance License

You can listen to lots more of our fun educational songs on the Silly School Education Youtube Channel.


Arthur! Arthur!

Uther Pendragon

I'm So Bad

I Just Want to Dance

Ladies of the Lake

The Holy Sieve

This is Love

We're All Gonna Get Along