Henry VIII’s Quest to Find True Love!

Suitable for – KS2 / Scenes – 8 / Songs – 8 / Speaking Parts – 38 / Non Speaking Parts – Unlimited / Duration – 55 Minutes (approx)

“The audience laughed, cried and were part of the show!” – S Kendall – Head Teacher

Musical for Key Stage 2 - "Henry VIII's Quest to Find True Love!"

Follow the infamous Tudor King Henry VIII on his quest to find true love, as he divorces and beheads his way through five wives, until he finally finds happiness.

This is a funny musical for key stage 2 about King Henry VIII, who let’s face it, was somewhat ‘quirky’ in his approach to matrimony.

Set in Tudor times, this play is packed with funny lines and hilarious songs. "Henry VIII's Quest to Find True Love!" is a comedy musical for key stage 2 full of laughter and funny historical characters.

"The audience laughed, cried and were part of the show. I have never received such praise from parents, grandparents and carers after a school performance."

 S Kendall, Head Teacher.


Henry the Eighth

The Whipping Boy

The King of France

Just Call the Pope

Which Thomas?

Everybody Knows

The Prettiest Girl

Let's Be Friends

What do you get when you purchase the musical for KS2 “Henry VIII's Quest to Find True Love”?


*Karaoke style animations (with vocals) that display the song lyrics on any screen or touchscreen

*Karaoke style animations (instrumentals) that display the song lyrics on any screen or touchscreen

*Lyrics with director’s notes

*Lyrics without director’s notes 

*MP3s of all the songs (with vocals)

*MP3s of all the songs (instrumentals)

*Production notes that include scene-by-scene information, prop lists, staging ideas and anything else relevant to staging a great performance

*Character information including costume ideas, number of lines per character and general character information

*Piano Score

*CD Cover

*Poster for advertising

*Printer friendly versions of script and lyrics included (black and white)

*Performance and Recording License

Karaoke Track Example

Script & Production Notes Samples

How do I know this is the right school musical for me?

Everything that happens in this school play, is historically accurate (well nearly everything) which makes it informative as well as very entertaining. How do we know that this musical works? We've produced it on ourselves and it was an absolute smash! We make sure we test as many of our primary school productions as we can, this allows is to perfect them before we upload them to our store. Detailed production notes and ideas are all included in the price.

When you go to the checkout you'll notice there are no hidden costs. EVERYTHING really is included in the price.

Musical for Key Stage 2

This musical for key stage 2 about Henry VIII is packed full of hilarious jokes and catchy songs. We spend months crafting each production to ensure that our historical musicals for schools are painstakingly put together.

We guarantee that not only will this script be massively enjoyed by the children, it will easy for the teachers to put on. We know that not everyone is a drama expert, which is why we put so much effort into preparing detailed production notes. We’ve produced this musical for key stage 2 ourselves, twice in fact, and it was really popular both times, so if you need any extra help or ideas to help you put on the perfect show at your school, get in touch via the contact page. We’re more than happy to help.


Historical Musical for KS2

This historical musical for KS2, full of funny lines and jokes, is aimed specifically at Key Stage Two children. Drama is an aid to learning for key stage two pupils. We make sure that our school plays are (mostly - it's pretty obvious which bits are not) also historically accurate. This makes them very useful when working across the curriculum, as they delve into all sorts of cross curricular subject areas.