Phonics a Sound Song 

Phonics a Sound Song – Alpaca Called Alan

This a fun song to help your child learn & understand the phonics sound a. It gives examples of how to pronounce the phonics a sound and also some examples of words that use this sound. The whole class can sing along and have a little dance too as “Alan the Alpaca” who likes “apples a lot” dances around on the screen.

All of our phonics songs feature funny, captivating animations that present the concept of each sound in a clear and concise way.

Perfect if you’re learning or teaching phonics at primary school, elementary school or kindergarten. This fun, upbeat song has keeps children engaged and really enthuses them to earn more about phonics. 

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I’m a speech therapist and my kids love watching your vowel songs. I always start with a song to introduce a vowel song. Your videos are so much fun and the tunes are catchy. Please keep going.


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Phonics Programmes for Primary Schools

There is a whole range of phonics programmes validated by the UK Department of Education for use in British Schools. Our songs are designed to work with them all and are a great, free, added resource to use in the classroom.

Some of the more popular schemes currently taught in primary schools are Jolly Phonics, Read Write Inc, Bug Club Phonics, Essential Letters and Sounds, No Nonsense Phonics and Phonics International. For a more detailed list visit the UK Dept of Education’s website.