Educational Videos


We’re really excited to be providing our fun, educational videos across the Highbrow TV platform.

Highbrow is a children’s subscription video on demand service for educational videos. It can be accessed across mobile, tablet, TV and web and is available on Sky Q, LG TV, Apple TV, the Highbrow Phone App or their website.

All the content on the channel has been chosen on the basis of its ability to teach a skill, impart knowledge or support development. Everything has been hand selected and curated. There are thousands of educational videos available and they’re adding more every week.

They work around the primary school curriculum so all the content covers Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. The great thing about Highbrow is the curation process means no inappropriate content will ever be available on the channel. Every video is checked in full by a real person before being allowed on to the platform and it’s free of all advertisements.

All of the educational content that’s currently available via our Silly School Education Youtube Channel is available and we’ll be adding more and content as the time goes on.

It’s is a subscription-based service with curated videos for kids but we’re attracted to it because whilst, most, if not all, of the videos are readily available for free on YouTube, the real value for parents comes in their curation of vides and the lack of advertising, which means it’s a safe environment to let you kids explore.

The service doesn’t just stick to mainstream educational content but also features a collection of life skills videos that support creativity and mindfulness, which we think is a nice plus. After having scrolled through the content there is some really excellent stuff on there and think if our kids were still little we’d definitely sign up.