Educational Songs!

Absolutely flabbergasted to announce we have just reached our first ONE MILLION views on the Silly School Education Youtube Channel. It’s incredible considering the page isn’t even a year old yet. We uploaded our first animated, educational songs on Friday the 15th May 2020. According to the stats that day they received two whole views. I know that I watched it at least one. The other view must have been Trisha.

Slowly as we uploaded more videos the views started go up. I remember when we received one hundred views in a single day. We were very excited indeed.

Educational Songs for Schools

When we started making these videos it was really only for the children in Trisha’s primary school. We never for one moment thought it they would become popular with other primary schools. Our school songs for kids are played thousands of times every day. It’s quite incredible and we’re so grateful for the support. We get messages from all over the world. From teachers in New York, all the way to Australia!

If you’re stumbling across our page for the first time and you’re wondering what this is all about. You can have a look at our Youtube channel via this link – HERE.

When we started out we made a few videos covering phonics and multiplication. Currently there are over 200 fun, animated, educational songs available for free to be used to your hearts content. They cover subjects like English grammar, maths, science, geography, nature, vocabulary and much, much more. We add new content every week, so I would advise subscribing to the channel if you can. You can subscribe to our Youtube Channel via this link – HERE.

Alternatively if you skip over to the Educational Songs tab on the website you can find out more. You can head straight there via this link – HERE.

Once again, thanks so much to all of you for your support.