Word of the Day!

Learn a new word everyday with our “Word of the Day Animations for Schools!”

Our Youtube playlist is a great free resource for teachers. Full of short, simple, funny videos each word is given it’s full dictionary definition and three examples of how the word can be used in a sentence.

Our “Word of the Day” Youtube playlist currently features over 50 different words to learn and we are adding more every week! This is a completely free resource for primary schools, primary teachers, homeschoolers and anyone who wants to improve their English vocabulary.

This is a great way to expand your children’s vocabulary. The words we choose are very carefully curated and have all been tested in the classroom. Each video is designed to help the children not only expand their vocabulary and explore the English language but also give the children an enthusiasm for learning.
The development of a strong vocabulary is an important skill when looking to accelerate a child’s literacy and comprehension. Countless studies have shown that a wider comprehension of language in a child has a direct correlation with a better educational outcome. In addition to this improved ability to communicate ideas with more clarity helps children improve their relationships with their peers and siblings.
This free resource for teachers and parents is designed to not only enrich your child’s understanding of English but also to introduce new concepts that they may not have come across before. They are great for opening up discussion in the classroom about new ideas and most importantly the children find them really funny.

You can learn more about of  playlist by on our website following this link – HERE.

Alternatively you can visit our Youtube page directly via this link – HERE.

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