1 2 3 Nativity!

Suitable for – EYFS-KS1 Scenes 6 / Songs – 7 / Speaking Parts – 28 / Non Speaking Parts – Unlimited / Duration – 30 Minutes (approx)

“The kids were hilarious and looked like they were really having a great time!” – D Wylie – Parent

1 2 3 Nativity! - A festive counting nativity play for children.

"1 2 3 Nativity" is a delightful, counting musical for EYFS and KS1 that incorporates maths.

It has seven simple songs and a fantastic script easy enough for primary children to learn.

This nativity will light up the end of your year and put a smile on the audience's face.

“The kids were hilarious and looked like they were really having a great time!" – D Wylie – Parent


A Baby Will Be Born!

Me and You Make Two

Three Wise Men

Knock Four Times!

I Had Five Sheep

Six Smiling Angels

1 2 3 Nativity!

What do you get when you purchase “1 2 3 Nativity!"


*Colour Coded Script with a different colour for each character to make line learning easier

*Karaoke style animations (with vocals) that display the song lyrics on any screen or touchscreen

*Karaoke style animations (instrumentals) that display the song lyrics on any screen or touchscreen

*Lyrics with director's notes

*Lyrics without director's notes

*MP3s of all the songs (with vocals)

*MP3s of all the songs (instrumentals)

*Digital Scenery for all your scene changes. No more painted backcloths! Use our selection of digital images to liven up your stage (PNGs)

*Production notes that include scene-by-scene information, prop lists, staging ideas and anything else relevant to staging a great performance

*Character information including costume ideas, number of lines per character and general character information

*Piano Score

*CD Cover

*Poster for advertising

*Printer friendly versions of script and lyrics included (black and white)

*Performance and Recording License


Karaoke Track Example

Resource Examples

How do I know this is the right nativity for me?

Our Christmas play-scripts for primary schools are full of jokes and hilarious one-liners. We spend an enormous amount of time ensuring that each musical is  carefully constructed, which ensures that they are fun for the children to perform and easy for the teachers to produce. Most importantly our school nativity plays are very entertaining for the audience.

The feedback so far has been great, so we feel very confident in hoping that you'll find this Christmas nativity play as much fun as we had writing it!

Christmas Scripts & Songs for EYFS & KS1

This Christmas nativity play for EYFS & KS1 is full of fun, perfect for early years and key stage one children and has everything you need for a fantastic Christmas production. This nativity play about the , will make your school’s Christmas performance a performance to remember.

Christmas Plays for Schools

Christmas plays have featured in christian worship since medieval times and have become a festive tradition at Christian schools through the world. Our productions for early years children, have simple, funny scripts and adapt easily to smaller or larger casts. Perfect for your Sunday school pageant, let Silly School Education help you capture the magic of the festive season. You can find out more about this history of the nativity play on via this article on our website.