Queen Victoria – We Are Not Amused!

Suitable for – KS2 / Scenes – 9 / Songs – 7 / Speaking Parts – 54 / Non Speaking Parts – Unlimited / Duration – 55 Minutes (approx)

“Brilliant songs!”Mrs A Josyfon – Teacher

Musical for KS2  - "Queen Victoria - We Are Not Amused!"

This is the story of the life and times of Queen Victoria, ruler of the vast British empire, during an era that was famous for invention, innovation and cultural change.

She may have been small in size, but she was big in personality.

This play is incredibly silly and follows her life from the beginning to the end, it's is full of hilarious, historical characters like her husband Albert, who knew that a happy wife meant a happy life!

“Brilliant songs!…I’ve never seen an audience laugh so much or so hard at a school performance in my entire career!” 

Mrs A Josyfon – Teacher



Do You Want To Get Married?

I've Got Dash!

Jubilee Rock!

The Sun Never Sets on my Empire

Victorians of Prominence

Workers of the World Unite!

What do you get when you purchase the musical for KS2
"Queen Victoria - We Are Not Amused!"?


*Karaoke style animations (with vocals) that display the song lyrics on any screen or touchscreen

*Karaoke style animations (instrumentals) that display the song lyrics on any screen or touchscreen

*Lyrics with director’s notes

*Lyrics without director’s notes

*MP3s of all the songs (with vocals)

*MP3s of all the songs (instrumentals)

*Production notes that include scene-by-scene information, prop lists, staging ideas and anything else relevant to staging a great performance

*Character information including costume ideas, number of lines per character and general character information

*Piano Score

*CD Cover

*Poster for advertising

*Printer friendly versions of script and lyrics included (black and white)

*Performance and Recording License

Karaoke Track Example

Script and Production Notes Samples



How do I know this is the right school musical for me?

"We Are Not Amused!" is a primary school musical for KS2 full of hearty laughs and toe-tapping tunes. Everything that takes place is historically accurate (well nearly everything) which makes it informative, as well as very entertaining.

How do we know that "We Are Not Amused!" works? We've put this on our selves (twice!) and both times all the shows went down amazingly well. We had people coming to the shows whose children didn't even go to the school anymore!

We've included  some very detailed production notes that will help you put on a performance the parents and children will never forget.

Musicals for Schools

This musical for KS2 about Queen Victoria is packed full of funny lines, jokes and great songs.

We spend weeks (months....years in some cases)  ensuring that each show is very carefully put together. We guarantee that not only is this playscript great fun for the children to perform, it's really easy to produce.

We know that not every teacher is an expert at putting on performances and this is why we put so much effort into preparing detailed production notes.

As we've produced this play ourselves, we know it inside out, so if you need any help or ideas to help you put on the perfect show at your school, please do get in touch. We're more than happy to help with ideas.


Historical Musical for KS2

This historical musical for KS2 is full of fun, and aimed specifically at Key Stage Two children. Drama is a fantastic learning method for key stage two pupils and we've made sure that it's also as historically accurate as possible. This makes it very useful when working across the curriculum, as it delves into areas such as Victorian science, invention, culture and society, naturally bridging subject areas.

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