The Brain Boost: How Learning Through Music Helps Kids Think Smarter


Ever notice how music and songs can make everything more fun? Well, guess what? They’re not just for dancing; learning through music can actually make your brain super smart! In this blog, we’re going to explore how using music and songs in school can be like a secret code that makes learning extra cool.


Learning Brought to Life

Remembering the Fun Way:You know how you can remember all the words to your favorite song? That’s because music helps your brain remember things better! When your teacher uses songs to teach you stuff, it’s like a fun memory game. You remember things without even trying, and it makes learning a blast!

(Source: Moreno, S., & Bidelman, G. M. (2014). Examining neural plasticity and cognitive benefit through the unique lens of musical training. Hearing Research, 308, 84-97.)

Groovin’ with Focus:Have you ever tried doing homework while listening to music? It’s like magic! Music can help you focus on your work. When your teacher plays music in class, it’s not just for background noise—it’s helping you concentrate and do your best. It’s like having a study buddy in your favourite tunes!

(Source: Jäncke, L. (2009). Music drives brain plasticity. The FASEB Journal, 23(2), 395-402.)

Solving Problems with Song Power:Imagine learning math or tricky words through a song. Cool, right? Music can turn boring stuff into awesome songs, and that helps you solve problems better. When your teacher uses songs in class, it’s like having a musical guide that makes learning feel like a game!

(Source: Slater, J., Skoe, E., Strait, D. L., & O’Connell, S. (2015). Music training improves speech-in-noise perception: Longitudinal evidence from a community-based music program. Behavioural Brain Research, 291, 244-252.)

Dance into Smarter Thinking:Did you know that moving and grooving to music can make your brain super smart? When your teacher includes dancing or moving with songs, it’s not just for fun (though that’s a big bonus!). It’s helping your brain think better and making learning an adventure!

(Source: Burunat, I., & Granena, G. (2018). The impact of early musical training on foreign language pronunciation aptitude. Journal of Phonetics, 66, 136-152.)

Learning Through Music


Learning through music

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