Fifty States of America Song! New!


Fifty States of America Song – A fun, upbeat, simple song that helps you learn the names of the fifty states of America. This song is perfect if you’re learning about the USA as it shows all states on the map as you learn each one. It gets faster and faster, can you keep up? Scroll down for the Fifty States of America Song Lyrics. Inspired by Tom Lehrer’s song “The Elements” (Itself inspired by Gilbert and Sullivan.)


Fifty States of America Song! 

We have two versions of the Fifty States of America song. This one shows all 50 states of the USA on a map of the United States and highlights each one whilst the song is playing. This shows you exactly where each of the 50 US states are.

Fifty States of America Song – Singalong Version.

This Fifty States of America Song – Singalong Version, shows you the lyrics to the songs so you can singalong and learn all fifty states of America.

Both version get faster and faster! It’s a lot of fun trying to keep up.

Fifty States of America Song!

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Connecticut and Colorado








South Dakota






Rhode Island


Georgia And Hawaii


West Virginia


Maryland and Washington

And Iowa

New Hampshire and Kentucky




New York And Missouri

And Nevada And New Mexico

Wisconsin Utah And Montana

New Jersey and Idaho


Texas and Ohio

Don’t forget Nebraska

The Carolinas North and South

And very cold Alaska

The Fifty States of America Song!

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Fifty States of America Song



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