ai Digraph Phonics Song! New – Only on Silly School Education TV!


ai Digraph Phonics Song | Kindergarten &  KS1 Literacy This is a song to help you learn & understand the ai digraph.

“snail – rain – train”

The ai Digraph Phonics Song

Phonics songs are a great way of teaching children how to read and write. Teaching using phonics helps children Identify, hear and understand how to use different sounds that distinguish one word from another.

“Phonics has a positive impact overall (+5 months) with very extensive evidence and is an important component in the development of early reading skills, particularly for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.” – Educational Endowment Foundation



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ai Digraph Phonics Song!

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ai digraph song

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All of our educational content is family friendly, made by teachers for teachers with the aim of supporting social skills and helping to stimulate vocabulary, imagination, knowledge and memory, through the use of repetition, engaging animations and catchy, easy to learn, fun songs.

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Our ever growing collection of educational songs and animations cover a wide range of subjects for EYFS, Key Stage One (KS1) and Key Stage Two (KS2), include maths, english, geography, science, phonics, grammar, words of the day, tidy up songs, qwerty typing songs, covid safety songs, and much, more!

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ai Digraph Phonics Song

uy digraph song

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Some useful links to help you teach phonics.

National Literacy Trust

The National Literary Trust is a charity that is devoted to raising literacy levels across the UK. Click here to visit their website where you can find lots of useful information about phonics.

This is how they describe what they do.

“We are dedicated to raising literacy levels across the UK.

We work to improve the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities, where one in three people have low levels of literacy.

Our research shows that during the initial school closures in 2020, 3 in 5 children and young people said that reading made them feel better. 3 in 10 said that reading helped them when they feel sad because they cannot see their family and friends.

Because low literacy is intergenerational, we focus our work on families, young people and children.”

The Children’s Literacy Charity.

The Children’s Literacy Charity is another fantastic organisation were you can find lots of useful information about phonics. They even provide some free downloads to help you.

Here’s how they describe themselves.

“There are many organisations which support the drive for better literacy, whether through widely-regarded local volunteer-led reading programmes or high level campaigning work. We differ because we employ specialist tutors who help children to catch up across the entire range of literacy skills (reading, comprehension, writing, speaking and listening).

We work closely with schools and communities in London and Manchester to identify the children who have the greatest need and who will benefit most from our expertise. In 2017/18, 91% of the children we supported were either eligible for Pupil Premium, or had a Special Educational Need (SEN), or spoke English as an Additional Language (EAL) (which can be a barrier to learning when coupled with economic disadvantage).

In schools, our support is provided through our one-to-one and one-to-three literacy interventions which take place in our Literacy Labs. These interventions are delivered by trained tutors using a systematic phonics-based programme tailored to meet the individual child’s needs. We place a strong emphasis on creating a nurturing, safe environment which allows children to tackle new challenges and ultimately to catch up with their literacy.

Validation work by the University of Sheffield identified our intervention as offering a ‘gold standard in the provision of theoretically-informed phonics instruction’ delivered with ‘reliability and efficiency’.

In addition to our work in schools, we provide support through our Community Literacy Labs – an out of school service where we partner with schools and local community organisations to reach children struggling with literacy challenges.

We also have a Reader Leader peer reading programme.

In addition, we provide high quality training and consultancy to education professionals working in the field of children’s literacy, including training and resources for parents.”

The Education Endowment Foundation

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is an independent charity dedicated to breaking the link between family income and educational achievement.

Whilst not specifically related to just phonics the EEF have some excellent information available in relation to the subject.

Click on the title to find out more about what the EEF does.

ai Digraph Phonics Song! New on Silly School Education TV

Learn how to pronounce the ai digraph and some of the words that use the ai digraph with the ai digraph song!


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